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3-Point Hitch Log Skidder
for Pulling Logs, Cutting Fire Wood, Pulling Down Leaners, and Low-Impact Skidding


3 Point Hitch Log Skidder attachment on a small tractor  

Whether you own a forest tract, a wood lot, or a hobby farm, you need good tools to help you manage your valuable timber resource, whether it's for pre-commercial thinning, timber maintenance, firewood production, or wild fire fuel reduction. Our specialty is designing tools for simple low-cost operation and maintenance for equipment owned by small land parcel owners. When it comes to caring for your valuable timber resource, think Small Wood Lot Tools.

Shown here, mounted on a 16 HP Kubota, is our log-skidder attachment designed to fit on a small to mid-size tractor with a category 1, 3-point hitch. It will allow you to pick up, pull out, and drop logs 6 to 22" in diameter without ever leaving your tractor seat.

No more fighting thickets of blackberry vines and poison oak/ivy!

NEW! We've been REVIEWED - "A New Log Skidder Design" in the February 2015 issue of Independent Sawmill & Woodlot Management magazine.



Cat-1 3-Point Hitch Log Skidder Attachment

Kubota 38 HP

This 3-point hitch log skidder attachment provides easy log grabbing right from the operator's seat.
It fits all category-1, 3-point hitches.

Shown on a 38 HP Kubota.

Limbing a fallen Douglas fir held off the ground using the log skidder




  Not only can you haul logs out of the woods easily,
  but by grabbing the log in the middle you can lift it off the ground to limb it.

An entire log can be cut without your chain saw bar touching the ground, 
saving you hours of chain sharpening.

Cutting an Oregon white oak for firewood using the log skidder.

To processing firewood, back the tractor up to the log near the center of gravity.
Drop the tongs onto the log to lift it to a comfortable working height.

Now it's easy to cut firewood.

logs cut to perfect woodstove size cut to size while held above ground by the log skidder


  • Category-1 implement
  • Max log diameter 22"
  • Max log weight not to exceed tractor limitations
  • Drag chain and choker require hookup to tractor draw bar
  • Weight 77 lbs.
  • Lift pins: 7/8" diameter
  • Lift link pin hole: 3/4" diameter
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The Cat-1 3-point hitch log skidder attachment is also sold through Rickreall Farm Supply in Rickreall, Oregon.

Category-1, 3-point hitch log skidder attachment

Price $500
(plus shipping and handling)
For our international customers - including Alaska (!), please call 503-949-2209
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Log Skidder Accessories

Quick Hitch Adapter | Drop-on Hitch Receiver | Choker | Screw Pin Clevis

Quick Hitch Adapter

Link pin vertical height (mast height) adjustable from 14 to 18" from lower lift pins.
Pin sizes are John Deere compatible.
Links to: Picture of Quick Hitch Adapter | Picture of Quick Hitch Adapter Installed
Price $35 *
(plus shipping and handling)

NEW! Coming SOON!

Drop-on Hitch Receiver

Not for highway use, but mighty useful for moving your travel trailer, boat, utility trailer around your property.
Link to photographs and more information
Price $175 *
Purchase with the Category-1, 3-point hitch log skidder attachment
(plus shipping and handling)

Optional 3/8" x 8' FSE Choker

Loop-ended choker for positive tow hook-up
Price $35 *
(plus shipping and handling)

Screw Pin Clevis

For tow chain ring attachment to tractor draw bar.
5/8" body, 3/4 " pin diameter, 1 1/4" opening
Price $15 *
(plus shipping and handling)


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